Home is a place to leave
"The possibility of becoming an an active consumer can drive me out of the house - once entering Ikea or Office Depot - wherever - the world opens up in terms of what me and my home, office, studio can become. On two separate occasions I bought a pillow from a chain store called The Pottery Barn. Both times I resented the homogeny of the store, but both times I thought to myself, “My head deserves the luxury this pillow has to offer”."
— Frances Stark from The Architect and the Housewife

(Source: francesstark.com)

drawing of a mexican cowboy
"The digital age is riven by battles between those who argue, on the one hand, for the fundamental liberal of data and ideas, and those who hope to protect—sometimes indefinitely—the investment made in publishing and authoring content."
— Ellen Lupton, Thinking with Type
"Better at finding than making, that’s me."
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